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New Web Site Coming - December 1, 2020

Dave Evans | Published on 8/15/2020
We are in the early configuration phase. As of August 2020, this is only a quick web site style for testing what is called "responsive" web templates. This does not represent the final layout, content or "branding".

Key activity right now is to test one or more "responsive" layouts on a wide variety of member devices to ensure compatibility.

Once we have confirmed a reponsive layout will work on nearly all member devices, we will start to evaluate a few branding concepts (colors/graphics.) Once we select our "branding", we will begin to load web site content.

At some point these pages may not be public for weeks at a time as we implement new formats and content so the development site isn't overwhelmed.

There will be more detail in the September and November issues of the PRRT&HS e-News.

Prior to going live, we will send e-mail notifications to members who have provided an e-mail address to the society.

Dave Evans
Director, Web-Master PRRT&HS
August 18, 2020

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